Pablo Esteves

Pablo Esteves has been involved in entrepreneurial endeavors for over 12 years, as an employee, a founder, a partner, and an advisor. Pablo is a managing partner at Emzingo, a learning and development design firm he joined in 2011 after finishing his MBA at IE Business School.

He manages the design and development of social innovation projects and leadership development programs in Brazil, Netherlands, Peru, South Africa, Spain, and the United States. He has helped Emzingo manage over a 100 social projects; assist more than 70 non-profits, social enterprises, and community based organizations. Pablo is an adjunct professor at IE University for the Business School and the School of Human Sciences and Technology, and a visiting professor at Trinity College Dublin and the Universidad de Valladolid. One of his current interests is the intersection of Social Entrepreneurship as an economic driver and Altruistic Capital as a business strategy.


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