Tayeb Hagag Mourad

Tayeb is based in Habu City in the West Bank of Luxor and received a bachelor’s degree in Archeology and Tourism Guidance. He has always been influenced by the cultural and historical nature of his surrounding environment and the different cultures around the world. He has a love for supporting his community and a belief in change and development, leading him to work with several local and international organizations in the fields of health, education and cultural exchange. Over the years, he participated in many community initiatives, and co-founded “Shabab El-Kheir” organization with the aim of improving education practices in his village. Tayeb also worked on the (GIZ Egypt) project, the Employment Training Initiative, and led a work team for a research study on the labor market and available jobs in the south of Egypt from Toshka to Sohag, under the supervision of the German consultant Irina Jager. Alongside his work in tourism and development, Tayeb is interested in architectural heritage, particularly the work of Hassan Fathi, and has over ten years of experience in architecture and restoration of monuments, working with many experts and foreign missions in the field.  

Tayeb co-created “Funtasia Egypt” in 2013 in partnership with his childhood friend Elisa Sednaoui, a social enterprise that provides training programs for teachers and educational activities for children.  He is currently the director of Funtasia and a board member of its non-profit branch “Funtasia for Education and Development”.


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