Dalia El Batal

Dalia El batal is a senior Economist and Development consultant. She is one of the awarded Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All by WOMEN Economic Forum in 2020. Dalia graduated from the American University in Cairo with a BA in Economics, then proceeded with her post graduate studies by earning a Master’s degree in Development Studies from LEUVEN university in Belgium , a program for mid-careers that is known to prepare Development leaders among the world for a greater impact , and holds a Diploma of Mediation and Conflict Resolution from Paris II ASAS University.

Dalia worked at the Division of higher Education at UNESCO, Paris as a Program head.

She is a distinguished representative of Egypt, as a wife of the former Ambassador to France and UK. She lived in Washington DC, Brussels, Paris and London. She currently resides between Cairo and Barcelona.

Traveling the world has greatly improved her experience and expanded her perspective.

Lately she decided to pursue her long standing passion and studied the Business of Floristry & Floral Design in London.

She is also very interested in the transformation of women, and helping them grow their leading skills. She is a motivational speaker with interest in innovation and social change.

Dalia El Batal is a Board Member at Funtasia. She is also a Board Member at Biscato Company for Food Industries.


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